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Red Dead Redemption

Damn you Rockstar. What is it with you guys making a free roaming game that I can't wait to get back home to play?  And the weird thing was, I wasn't even that interested in the game. I figured it was one of those I could play later, little did I know it was going to be pixelated crack. And the plot, sure it had some holes one could ride a horse through, and it seemed like nothing would ever get done unless your character did it, but damn the final ride into the sunset was not a smooth one, was it?  Just had to go out with a bang, did we?  Make me think the game was gonna end on a bad note, then turn around and surprise me, huh? One question though, why not give us a chance to "spend" some time with the girls? At the very least, buy them a drink or something....  oh well... Damn good game sirs, damn good game.

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