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God Of War 3

Wow....  things just die violently in this game. I imagine (well, actually they kinda explained it in extras after you finish) they just kept thinking of epic ways to kill something..  either by just tearing your enemies to shreds, ripping heads off and using them as projectiles, all manners of violence in the game. Was quite enjoyable, in a Ichi the Killer sort of way...  Rather visceral, yet strangely entertaining...  They say this is the end of Kratos's adventure, but damned if you'd know it by watching the scene after the game credits...  hope there's a sequel/prequel/continuation of the ... world? story? something? Eh, they make it, I'll play it...



Couldn't finish it. Basically, it had an okay story, but the problem of it was, if I'm a super hero/villian with these supposed super powers, how is it a crackhead with a shotgun can damage more than anything else?  It'd be like superman getting taken out by tripping over his cape. Funny part is, even with the superpowers, I still couldn't take out said crackhead with upgraded electrical powers. So sad...  I tried to keep playing, hoping I'd get stronger or it would get better, but no....  I just never felt powerful enough for a super hero/villian. I mean the setup is you're to have epic electrical powers, and instead, it seems more like I'm just using rampant static electricity shots.... which happen to power ENTIRE blocks of town...  sigh...  Prototype came out at the same time, and I was more playing that... Now that game, I felt powerful....  entire blocks of people would just die in about 1-2 hours of play... by my hand...  oh well...  maybe Infamous 2 will be better, we'll see....


Current Games I'm Playing....

Been awhile, just had to post that I've been kinda busy the last couple of weeks, will probably post my thoughts on the following later...


Infamous (Finally using my PS3 for something other than netflix, blurays, and divx files... sorta)

God Of War 3

Red Dead Redemption (Online)



Get Him To The Greek

Toy Story 3

A Team

Prince Of Persia

Nodame Cantabile Live Action Movie 1

Robin Hood


Anyway.....  this weekend I'll be at Anime Expo....  somewhere... 


Red Dead Redemption

Damn you Rockstar. What is it with you guys making a free roaming game that I can't wait to get back home to play?  And the weird thing was, I wasn't even that interested in the game. I figured it was one of those I could play later, little did I know it was going to be pixelated crack. And the plot, sure it had some holes one could ride a horse through, and it seemed like nothing would ever get done unless your character did it, but damn the final ride into the sunset was not a smooth one, was it?  Just had to go out with a bang, did we?  Make me think the game was gonna end on a bad note, then turn around and surprise me, huh? One question though, why not give us a chance to "spend" some time with the girls? At the very least, buy them a drink or something....  oh well... Damn good game sirs, damn good game.


Fanime 2010 Pt 2

Ironically, I go to an anime convention and the things my friends in the industry all talk about (staff, dealers, guests of honor) is Red Dead Redemption. I guess I should go get it then. On a side note, I found out about Anime Expo's practices regarding dealer's this year. It appears as though dealers are not allowed to bring in any stock or shelving by themselves, the convention center staff has to do everything for them. Most dealers I spoke to were rather disgusted with the whole deal, so it's quite plausible that Anime Expo's dealers room might be a tad roomy this year. If so, only 1 way to find out, I will be there that weekend, I'll let you know what I see (or don't see).