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Couldn't finish it. Basically, it had an okay story, but the problem of it was, if I'm a super hero/villian with these supposed super powers, how is it a crackhead with a shotgun can damage more than anything else?  It'd be like superman getting taken out by tripping over his cape. Funny part is, even with the superpowers, I still couldn't take out said crackhead with upgraded electrical powers. So sad...  I tried to keep playing, hoping I'd get stronger or it would get better, but no....  I just never felt powerful enough for a super hero/villian. I mean the setup is you're to have epic electrical powers, and instead, it seems more like I'm just using rampant static electricity shots.... which happen to power ENTIRE blocks of town...  sigh...  Prototype came out at the same time, and I was more playing that... Now that game, I felt powerful....  entire blocks of people would just die in about 1-2 hours of play... by my hand...  oh well...  maybe Infamous 2 will be better, we'll see....